Key_GUID (Transact-SQL)

Returns the GUID of a symmetric key in the database.

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Key_GUID( 'Key_Name' )


  • 'Key_Name'
    The name of a symmetric key in the database.

Return Types



If an identity value was specified when the key was created, its GUID is an MD5 hash of that identity value. If no identity value was specified, the server generated the GUID.

If the key is a temporary key, the key name must start with a number sign (#).


Because temporary keys are only available in the session in which they are created, no permissions are required to access them. To access a key that is not temporary, the caller requires some permission on the key and must not have been denied VIEW permission on the key.


The following example returns the GUID of a symmetric key called ABerglundKey1.

SELECT Key_GUID('ABerglundKey1')