SQL Server Profiler - Tools/Options (General Options Page)

Use the General Options dialog box to view or specify the following options.


Display Options

  • Font name
    Displays the name of the font used in the trace results grid during traces.

  • Font size
    Displays the size of the font used in the trace results grid during traces.

  • Choose Font
    Opens a dialog to change the font settings.

  • Use regional settings to display date and time values
    Displays date and time values in regional settings configured for your computer. If you do not select this option, the date and time values are displayed in the fixed format used by Microsoft SQL Server, which includes milliseconds.

  • Show values in Duration column in microseconds (SQL Server 2005 and later only)
    Displays the values in microseconds in the Duration data column of traces. By default, the Duration column displays values in milliseconds.

Tracing Options

  • Start tracing immediately after making connection
    Begin a trace using the default template as soon as a connection is made.

  • Update trace definition when provider version changes
    Apply the most current trace definition to SQL Server when the provider is updated. This item is not checked by default. This forces SQL Server Profiler to query the server for the trace definition and re-create, if one exists, the file on disk.

File Rollover Options

  • Load all rollover files in sequence without prompting
    Load rollover files automatically when a trace file is opened. If more than one file was created while tracing, selecting this option automatically loads all rollover files.

  • Prompt before loading rollover files
    Have SQL Server Profiler prompt you before adding a rollover file when a trace file is opened.

  • Never load subsequent rollover files
    SQL Server Profiler never loads subsequent rollover files when a trace file is opened.

Replay Options

  • Default number of replay threads
    Specify the number of replay threads to use concurrently. A higher number consumes more resources during replay, but increases replay concurrency.

  • Default health monitor wait interval (sec)
    Specify the wait interval to replay in seconds. Default is 3600 seconds (1 hour). This setting affects the amount of time a thread is allowed to run before being terminated by the health monitor.

  • Default health monitor poll interval (sec)
    Specify the health monitor poll interval during replay in seconds. Default is 60 seconds. This value allows the user to configure how often the health monitor polls for candidates for termination.