Subscription Type

Merge replication offers two subscription types: server and client (referred to in previous versions of Microsoft SQL Server as global and local, respectively). Subscribers with a server subscription can:

  • Republish data to other Subscribers.

  • Serve as alternate synchronization partners.

  • Resolve conflicts according to a priority you set.

Most Subscribers do not require this functionality and can use a client subscription. Client subscriptions still allow conflict detection and resolution, but Subscribers are not assigned a priority: the first Subscriber to submit a change to the Publisher wins any conflicts that might arise from that change. For more information, see the "Subscription Types" section of How Merge Replication Detects and Resolves Conflicts.


Subscription type cannot be changed after a subscription is created.


  • Subscription properties
    For each Subscriber, select Client or Server from the drop-down list box in the Subscription Type column. For Subscribers with server subscriptions, enter a number between 0 and 99.99 in the Priority for Conflict Resolution column (the higher the number, the higher the priority for the Subscriber).