sp_droprolemember (Transact-SQL)

Removes a security account from a SQL Server role in the current database.

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sp_droprolemember [ @rolename = ] 'role' , 
     [ @membername = ] 'security_account'


  • [ @rolename = ] 'role'
    Is the name of the role from which the member is being removed. role is sysname, with no default. role must exist in the current database.

  • [ @membername = ] 'security_account'
    Is the name of the security account being removed from the role. security_account is sysname, with no default. security_account can be a database user, another database role, a Windows login, or a Windows group. security_account must exist in the current database.

Return Code Values

0 (success) or 1 (failure)


sp_droprolemember removes a member from a database role by deleting a row from the sysmembers table. When a member is removed from a role the member loses any permissions it has by membership in that role.

To remove a user from a fixed server role, use sp_dropsrvrolemember. Users cannot be removed from the public role, and dbo cannot be removed from any role.

Use sp_helpuser to see the members of a SQL Server role, and use sp_addrolemember to add a member to a role.

sp_droprolemember cannot be executed within a user-defined transaction.


Requires ALTER permission on the role.


The following example removes the user JonB from the role Sales.

EXEC sp_droprolemember 'Sales', 'Jonb'