Manage Existing Profile (Database Mail)

Use this page to manage an existing Database Mail profile. A Database Mail profile is a collection of Database Mail accounts. Profiles improve reliability in cases where an e-mail server becomes unreachable, by providing alternative Database Mail accounts. At least one Database Mail account is required. For more information about setting the priority of Database Mail accounts in the profile, see Database Mail Profiles.

Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the order in which Database Mail accounts are used. This order is determined by a value called the sequence number. Move Up lowers the sequence number and Move Down increases the sequence number. The sequence number determines the order in which Database Mail uses accounts in the profile. For a new e-mail message, Database Mail starts with the account that has the lowest sequence number. Should that account fail, Database Mail uses the account with the next highest sequence number, and so on until either Database Mail sends the message successfully, or the account with the highest sequence number fails. If the account with the highest sequence number fails, the Database Mail pauses attempts to send the mail for the amount of time configured in the Database Mail AccountRetryDelay parameter, then starts the process of attempting to send the mail again, starting with the lowest sequence number. Use the Database Mail AccountRetryAttempts parameter, to configure the number of times that the external mail process attempts to send the e-mail message using each account in the specified profile. You can configure the AccountRetryDelay and AccountRetryAttempts parameters on the Configure System Parameters page of the Database Mail Configuration Wizard.


  • Profile name
    Select the name of the profile to manage.

  • Delete
    Delete the selected profile. You will be prompted to select Yes to delete the selected profile and to fail any unsent messages, or to select No to delete the selected profile only if there are no unsent messages.

  • Description
    View or change the description of the selected profile. The description is optional.

  • SMTP accounts
    Choose one or more accounts for the profile. The failover priority sets the order in which Database Mail uses the account in case of a failover.

  • Add
    Add an account to the profile.

  • Remove
    Remove the selected account from the profile.

  • Move Up
    Increase the failover priority of the selected account.

  • Move Down
    Decrease the failover priority of the selected account.

  • Priority
    View the current failover priority of the account.

  • Account name
    View the name of the account.

  • E-mail Address
    View the e-mail address of the account.