Report Data Pane

Use the Report Data pane to view the currently defined parameters, data sources, datasets, field collections, and images in your report. The Report Dane displays a hierarchical view of the items that represent data in your report. The top level nodes represent built-in fields, parameters, images, and data source references. Expand each node to view the data items. For example, when you expand a data source node, the datasets defined for that data source appear. When you expand a dataset, its field collection appears. Drag items to the report design surface to link data with report items on the report page.


  • Built-in Fields
    Represents fields provided by Reporting Services that are commonly used in a report, such as the report name or page number. For more information, see Using Built-in Collections in Expressions (Reporting Services).

  • Parameters
    Represents the collection of report parameters, each of which can be single-valued or multivalued. For more information, see Adding Parameters to Your Report.

  • Images
    Represents the set of images used in the report. For more information, see Adding Images to a Report.

  • Data source
    Represents a single data source reference to an embedded data source or to a shared data source. In Business Intelligence Development Studio, shared data sources appear in Solution Explorer under the Shared Data Sources folder. A data source specifies one of the data source types supported by Reporting Services. A data source is the parent node for the collection of datasets based on it. For more information, see Creating a Report Data Source.

  • Dataset
    Represents a single dataset. A dataset is the parent node for the collection of fields specified by the query and including any calculated fields. Reporting Services supports query designers to help you specify a query. For more information, see Creating a Report Dataset and Query Design Tools in Reporting Services.