Data Flow Path Editor (Metadata Page)

Use the Metadata page of the Data Flow Path Editor dialog box to view the metadata of the path columns.


  • Path metadata
    Lists column metadata. Click the column headings to sort column data.

    • Name
      Lists the column name.

    • Data Type
      Lists the data type of the column.

    • Precision
      Lists the number of digits in a numeric value.

    • Scale
      List the number of digits to the right of the decimal point in a numeric value.

    • Length
      Lists the current length of the column.

    • Code Page
      Lists the code page of the column. The value 0 indicates that the column does not use a code page. This occurs when data is in Unicode, or has a numeric, date, or time data type.

    • Sort Key Position
      Lists the sort key position of the column. The value 0 indicates the column is not sorted.


      A minus (-) prefix indicates the column is sorted in descending order.

    • Comparison Flags
      Lists the comparison flags that apply to the column.

    • Source Component
      Lists the data flow component that is the source of the column.

  • Copy to Clipboard
    Copy the column metadata to the clipboard. By default, all metadata rows are copied as sorted in the order currently displayed.