How to: Set Up a SQL Server Database Alert (Windows NT)

Using Performance Monitor, you can create an alert to be raised when a threshold value for a Performance Monitor counter has been reached. In response to the alert, Performance Monitor can launch an application, such as a custom application written to handle the alert condition. For example, you can create an alert that is raised when the number of deadlocks exceeds a specific value.

Alerts can also be defined using SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Agent. For more information, see Defining Alerts

To set up a SQL Server database alert

  1. In Performance Monitor, on the View menu, click Alert.

  2. On the Edit menu, click Add to Alert.

  3. In the Object list, click a SQL Server object, and then in the Counter box, click a counter on which the alert will be based.

  4. Under Alert If, click either Over or Under, and then enter a threshold value.

    The alert is generated when the value for the counter is more than or less than the threshold value (depending on whether you click Over or Under).

  5. Click First Time or Every Time to determine how often the alert is generated.

    The default is Every Time.