Image Properties Dialog Box, General

Select General on the Image Properties dialog box to add a picture, change the default name of the image, and add ToolTip text.


  • Name
    Type a name for the item. The name must be unique within the report. By default, a general name, such as Image1 or Image2, is assigned.

  • Tooltip
    Type text or an expression that evaluates to a ToolTip. Click the Expression (fx) button to edit the expression. The Tooltip appears when the user pauses the pointer over the item in an HTML report.

  • Select the image source
    Indicate where the image is stored so that when the report is rendered, the report processor will know where to get the image from.

    • **External   **Choose this option when you want the image to continue to exist as a file on a report server or Web server.

    • Embedded   Choose this option when you want to embed the image into the report.

    • **Database   **Choose this option when you want to include a database field name that represents the images that you want to include in your report.

  • Use this image
    This option appears when you select the Embedded or External option.

    If you are embedding the image, choose the image that you want to add to the report from the drop-down list. Click the Import button to add the image to the drop-down list.

    If you select the External option, type the URL of the image. For a report published to a report server configured for native mode, use a full or relative path. For example, http://<servername>/images/image1.jpg. For a report published to a report server configured in SharePoint integrated mode, use a fully qualified URL. For example, http://<SharePointservername>/<site>/Documents/images/image1.jpg.

  • Import
    Click to add an image to the Use this image drop-down list.

  • Use this field
    This option appears if you select the Database option. Select the field name.

  • Use this MIME type
    Choose the appropriate format of the images contained in the database, for example, .bmp, .jpeg, .gif, .png, and .x-png.