Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.MessageQueueTask Namespace

This namespace contains the members required to create a Message Queue task.

For the MessageQueueTask to work in either the API or in SSIS Designer, you must install SQL Server Integration Services. This feature will not work if only BI Development Studio is installed.


  Class Description
Public class DataFileMessage Contains the members used to generate a message for the Message Queue Task when the TaskType is DTSMQMessageType_DataFile.
Public class EncryptionAlgorithmWrapper Describes the type of encryption, if any, that the Message Queue task uses.
Public class Formatter Contains the formatter used to serialize an object into or deserialize an object from the body of a message read from or written to the queue.
Public class MessageQueueTask Contains the methods and properties used by the Message Queue task. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class ServCompMQTask Infrastructure.
Public class StringFormatter Infrastructure.
Public class Variable2KFormatter Infrastructure.
Public class Version Infrastructure.


  Interface Description
Public interface IMessageQueueTask Infrastructure.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration MQMessageType Describes the message type when the TaskType is set to a value of DTSMQType_Sender.
Public enumeration MQStringMessageCompare Contains values that control the method of comparison that is used by the Message Queue task when the Message Queue task is receiving a message. To receive a message, the TaskType must be set to DTSMQType_Receiver, and the message type must be set to DTSMQMessageType_String.
Public enumeration MQType Indicates if the Message Queue task is sending or receiving a message.
Public enumeration MSMQLog Specifies the events that are used for logging with the Message Queue task.