Server.FullTextService Property

Gets the Microsoft Search Full-Text service implementation for the instance of SQL Server.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll)


<SfcObjectAttribute(SfcObjectRelationship.Object, SfcObjectCardinality.One)> _
Public ReadOnly Property FullTextService As FullTextService
Dim instance As Server
Dim value As FullTextService

value = instance.FullTextService
[SfcObjectAttribute(SfcObjectRelationship.Object, SfcObjectCardinality.One)]
public FullTextService FullTextService { get; }
[SfcObjectAttribute(SfcObjectRelationship::Object, SfcObjectCardinality::One)]
property FullTextService^ FullTextService {
    FullTextService^ get ();
[<SfcObjectAttribute(SfcObjectRelationship.Object, SfcObjectCardinality.One)>]
member FullTextService : FullTextService
function get FullTextService () : FullTextService

Property Value

Type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.FullTextService
A FullTextService object that specifies the full-text service implementation on the instance of SQL Server.


The FullTextService object can be used to change the settings for Microsoft Search. This includes settings such as the default location to store full-text search catalogs.


'Connect to the local, default instance of SQL Server.
Dim srv As Server
srv = New Server
'Reference the AdventureWorks database.
Dim db As Database
db = srv.Databases("AdventureWorks")
'Reference the ProductCategory table.
Dim tb As Table
tb = db.Tables("ProductCategory", "Production")
'Define a FullTextCatalog object variable by specifying the parent database and name arguments in the constructor.
Dim ftc As FullTextCatalog
ftc = New FullTextCatalog(db, "Test_Catalog")
ftc.IsDefault = True
'Create the Full Text Search catalog on the instance of SQL Server.
'Define a FullTextIndex object varaible by supplying the parent table argument in the constructor.
Dim fti As FullTextIndex
fti = New FullTextIndex(tb)
'Define a FullTextIndexColumn object variable by supplying the parent index and column name arguements in the constructor.
Dim ftic As FullTextIndexColumn
ftic = New FullTextIndexColumn(fti, "Name")
'Add the indexed column to the index.
fti.ChangeTracking = ChangeTracking.Automatic
'Specify the unique index on the table that is required by the Full Text Search index.
fti.UniqueIndexName = "AK_ProductCategory_Name"
'Specify the catalog associated with the index.
fti.CatalogName = "Test_Catalog"
'Create the Full Text Search index on the instance of SQL Server.