Server.ConnectionContext Property

Gets the current server connection details for the instance of SQL Server.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll)


Public ReadOnly Property ConnectionContext As ServerConnection
Dim instance As Server
Dim value As ServerConnection

value = instance.ConnectionContext
public ServerConnection ConnectionContext { get; }
virtual property ServerConnection^ ConnectionContext {
    ServerConnection^ get () sealed;
abstract ConnectionContext : ServerConnection
override ConnectionContext : ServerConnection
final function get ConnectionContext () : ServerConnection

Property Value

Type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ServerConnection
A ServerConnection object that specifies the details of the current connection to the instance of SQL Server.




This property can be used to change connection settings, such as the name of the instance of SQL Server or the authentication type. The ConnectionContext property is represented by the ServerConnection class. When connecting to the local instance of SQL Server by using Windows Authentication, the default values are used. You do not have to set any properties.