How to: Extract, Update, or Edit the Source File of a Published Model or Report Definition (Report Manager)

Report Manager provides features for extracting and viewing the source definition file of a published report or model, and for replacing the definition file with a different version while preserving all other properties and security settings.

The report and model definition files are presented in XML. The XML syntax describes the report or model at the time it was initially published. If you subsequently modified parameter properties or data source properties, those changes are not reflected in the XML document. The report definition or model will open in an application that that is associated with the XML file type (usually, a browser or an editor that you use to work with XML files). You can edit and save the file to the file system, but you cannot edit and save it back to the report server. To save your changes to the report server, you must upload the file as a new report or model, or use the Update feature to replace the core definition with the version you modified.

To view or edit a report or model definition

  1. Start Report Manager.

  2. Navigate to the report or model.

  3. Click the Properties tab to open the General Properties page.

  4. Click Edit.

    A read-only version of the report definition (as originally published from Report Designer) or model opens in a browser window or a code editor. You can view the XML structure of the file, save the file to the file system, or modify the XML to make specific changes. If you want to save the report definition back to the report server, you can replace the existing report or model with your modified version. Consider uploading the file and testing it first so that you can verify whether the report or model runs as expected.

To update the definition file for a report or model

  1. Navigate to the report or model.

  2. Click the Properties tab to open the General Properties page.

  3. Click Update.

  4. Click Browse to select the report definition (.rdl) file that replaces the current report, or the semantic model (.smdl) file that replaces the current model.

  5. Click OK.

    If you are replacing a report definition, the file that you select overwrites the previous report definition that was stored for this report. The properties, subscriptions, report history, and security settings of the current report remain intact. If the report uses parameters, and the name or data type is different from the original report, you must reset any parameter properties that you previously set. You can use Report Manager to update the parameter properties. For more information, see Parameters Properties Page (Report Manager).