Migrate Scripts to VSTA

When you upgrade SQL Server 2005 packages to SQL Server 2012, Integration Services migrates the scripts in any Script tasks or Script components to Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA). VSTA is the scripting environment that SQL Server 2012 uses. In SQL Server 2005, the scripting environment for Integration Services is Microsoft Visual Studio for Applications (VSA).

If the scripts in either the Script tasks or Script components reference interfaces, you might have to modify those references before you upgrade the package. Otherwise, the package will not be upgraded or the scripts will not be validated, depending on the upgrade method that you use. To modify these references, replace references to IDTSxxx90 interfaces with references to the corresponding IDTSxxx100 interfaces.

For more information about how to migrate scripts and upgrade packages, see Upgrade Integration Services Packages.

Understanding Migration Failures

When you migrate the scripts, the migration can fail because of one of the following reasons:

  • The entry point for the VSA script was renamed.

    The entry point specifies the method in the ScriptMain class in the VSTA project that the Integration Services runtime calls as the entry point into the Script task code. The ScriptMain class is the default class that the script templates generate.

  • There is no entry point or there are multiple entry points in the VSA script.

  • Assembly references could not be added.

  • The ScriptMain class was modified to inherit from other classes in addition to the ScriptObjectModelSSIS class. Microsoft .NET Framework does not support multiple inheritance.

You cannot convert a VSA script that uses Visual Basic 2005 to a VSTA script that uses Microsoft Visual C# 2008. However, you can create a new VSTA script that uses Microsoft Visual C# 2008. For more information, see Coding and Debugging the Script Task and Coding and Debugging the Script Component.

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