Get the Fields for All Events

Accomplishing this task involves using Query Editor in SQL Server Management Studio.

After the statements in this procedure finish, the Results tab of Query Editor displays the following columns:

  • package_name

  • event_name

  • event_field

  • field_type

  • column_type

You can use the preceding information when configuring event sessions that use the bucketing target. For more information, see SQL Server Extended Events Targets.

Before you Begin

Before you create a SQL Server Extended Events session, it is useful to get information about the fields associated with events. 

To get the fields for all events using Query Editor

  • In Query Editor, issue the following statements.

    select package_name, event_name, event_field, c.type_name field_type, c.column_type column_type
    from sys.dm_xe_objects o
    join sys.dm_xe_packages p
          on o.package_guid = p.guid
    join sys.dm_xe_object_columns c
          on = c.object_name
    where o.object_type = 'event'
    order by package_name, event_name

See Also


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