SqlCeClientSyncProvider.EndTransaction Method

Called by the SyncAgent to end a transaction. This allows the agent to commit a set of changes as an atomic unit.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServerCe
Assembly:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServerCe (in Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServerCe.dll)


Public Overrides Sub EndTransaction ( _
    commit As Boolean, _
    syncSession As SyncSession _
Dim instance As SqlCeClientSyncProvider
Dim commit As Boolean
Dim syncSession As SyncSession

instance.EndTransaction(commit, syncSession)
public override void EndTransaction(
    bool commit,
    SyncSession syncSession
virtual void EndTransaction(
    bool commit, 
    SyncSession^ syncSession
) override
abstract EndTransaction : 
        commit:bool * 
        syncSession:SyncSession -> unit 
override EndTransaction : 
        commit:bool * 
        syncSession:SyncSession -> unit 
public override function EndTransaction(
    commit : boolean, 
    syncSession : SyncSession


  • commit
    Type: System.Boolean
    true to commit the transaction; false to roll back the transaction.

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