ClientSyncProvider.CreateSchema Method

When overridden in a derived class, creates a table schema at the client database if the schema does not exist.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data
Assembly:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data (in Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.dll)


Public MustOverride Sub CreateSchema ( _
    syncTable As SyncTable, _
    syncSchema As SyncSchema _
Dim instance As ClientSyncProvider
Dim syncTable As SyncTable
Dim syncSchema As SyncSchema

instance.CreateSchema(syncTable, syncSchema)
public abstract void CreateSchema(
    SyncTable syncTable,
    SyncSchema syncSchema
virtual void CreateSchema(
    SyncTable^ syncTable, 
    SyncSchema^ syncSchema
) abstract
abstract CreateSchema : 
        syncTable:SyncTable * 
        syncSchema:SyncSchema -> unit 
public abstract function CreateSchema(
    syncTable : SyncTable, 
    syncSchema : SyncSchema


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