ISfcConnection Interface

Defines high-level properties and methods for server connections.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo.dll)


Public Interface ISfcConnection
Dim instance As ISfcConnection
public interface ISfcConnection
public interface class ISfcConnection
type ISfcConnection =  interface end
public interface ISfcConnection

The ISfcConnection type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property IsForceDisconnected Gets a Boolean value that specifies whether the connection was forcibly disconnected.
Public property IsOpen Gets a value indicating whether the connection is open.
Public property ServerInstance Gets or sets the name of the target server for the connection.
Public property ServerVersion Gets the SQL Server version of the target server.



  Name Description
Public method Connect Connects to the target server.
Public method Copy Copies the connection object.
Public method Disconnect Disconnects from the target server.
Public method ForceDisconnected Forces a disconnect from the instance of SQL Server.
Public method ToEnumeratorObject Indicates the specified object from the enumeration. Do not reference this member directly in your code. It supports the SQL Server infrastructure. 


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