SQL Server Error Log (AlwaysOn Availability Groups)


The SQL Server Error Log reports events affecting AlwaysOn Availability Groups, such as:

  • Communication with the Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) cluster

  • State transitions of availability replicas

  • State transitions of availability databases

  • Connectivity state of availability databases between primary and secondary replicas

  • Statuses of the availability group endpoints

  • Statuses of the availability group listeners

  • Lease status between the SQL Server resource DLL (running in the WSFC cluster) and the SQL Server instance (for more information, see How It Works: SQL Server AlwaysOn Lease Timeout)

  • Error events in the availability group

The following symptoms should lead to review of the SQL Server Error Log:

  • Cannot access availability databases

  • Unexpected availability group failover

  • Availability group is in the Resolving state unexpectedly

  • Availability group is in an indeterminate state

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