Report Definition Customization Extension

Reporting Services supports a new extension to the report processor that provides built-in support for preprocessing a report definition. The RDC extension accepts a report definition stream as input, and then returns a customized report definition stream as output. Customizations are scoped to RDL only. If the report definition specifies a user identity, locale, or culture, you can further customize the report layout or query based on the values you detect in the RDL. For example, you could modify the layout if the report is to be rendered in French or Arabic.

The RDC extension is an advanced programming feature for developers who have expertise in creating report server extensions and who know how to work with RDL programmatically.

In this product release, the RDC extension is a simple preprocessing hook that enables you to plug-in custom code that modifies the report definition before the report is processed. You cannot use non-RDL sources to drive customization, nor can you control where in the request pipeline the RDL customization occurs. Preprocessing always occurs before the report is processed at a specific point in the request pipeline when the report server checks for an RDC extension.

RDC extensions are supported in both Native mode, SharePoint mode in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint mode in SharePoint 2013

To create an RDC extension, you must create and deploy a custom extension that implements the following interfaces.