Reporting Services Upgrade Issues (Upgrade Advisor)

The following topics describe the SQL Server Reporting Services issues that might affect your upgrade to SQL Server 2012. The topics describe actions that you can take to mitigate the effect of these changes on your environment.

Upgrade Advisor analyzes a report server installation. If only client components are installed (for example, if Report Designer is the only Reporting Services component installed on the computer), no issues will be reported.

Depending on how you configured your installation, you may encounter additional issues that are not reported by Upgrade Advisor. These issues do not prevent a Reporting Services upgrade from succeeding, but they may affect how reports and applications run after an upgrade is finished. To learn about these issues, see "Reporting Services Backward Compatibility" in SQL Server Books Online.

If you cannot use Setup to upgrade a Reporting Services installation, you can install a new Reporting Services instance and migrate your existing installation to the new instance. For more information, see "Migration (Reporting Services)" in SQL Server Books Online.

The following topics describe known issues that are reported by Upgrade Advisor, and explain how you can modify your existing installation to allow an upgrade to occur.


Upgrade Advisor must be installed on the report server to analyze an instance of Reporting Services. Reporting Services does not support remote analysis.

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