Create Web Application Dialog Box (Master Data Services Configuration Manager)

Use the Create Web Application dialog box to create the Master Data Manager web application. This web application is created in the site that you selected on the Web Configuration page.

Web Application

The web server serves the content for this web application from the Master Data Services WebApplication folder in the file system. This location is specified during Setup, and by default the path is drive:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Master Data Services\WebApplication.

Control Name


Virtual path

Select the virtual path under which you want to create the Master Data Manager web application. A virtual path is part of the URL that is used to access a web application.

This list is filtered to display only virtual paths of applications under which the Master Data Manager web application can be created. You cannot create a Master Data Manager web application under another Master Data Manager web application.


Type a name for the Master Data Manager web application or use the default name. This name is used in a URL to access the web application from a web browser.

Application Pool

Control Name



Type a unique, friendly name for a new application pool, or use the default name. The Master Data Manager web application is added to this application pool.

Application pools provide boundaries that prevent applications in one application pool from affecting applications in another application pool.

User name

Type a domain and user name from Active Directory. This account is the identity of the application pool that the web application runs in. This account should be the same account specified as the service account when the Master Data Services database was created.

This account is added to the mds_exec database role in the Master Data Services database for database access. For more information, see Database Logins, Users, and Roles (Master Data Services). It is also added to a Master Data Services Windows group, MDS_ServiceAccounts, which is granted permission to the temporary compilation directory, MDSTempDir, in the file system. For more information, see Folder and File Permissions (Master Data Services).


Type the password for the specified user account.

Confirm password

Retype the password for the specified user account. The Password and Confirm password fields must contain the same password.

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