Currency Format Dialog Box

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The Currency Format dialog box enables you to control how numeric values in a column are presented in the PowerPivot window. To access this dialog box, on the Home tab, in the Formatting group, click the currency button.

There are many options for choosing a currency and locale-specific formats. You can also control the number of digits shown in the currency amount by setting the number of decimal places. For more information, see Set the Data Type of a Column.

  • Sample
    Displays how numbers in the column will appear when the selected currency formats have been applied.

  • Decimal places
    Click the up arrow to increase the number of places after the decimal separator. The maximum number of decimal places is 15.

    Click the down arrow to reduce the number of decimal places. The minimum value is 0.

  • Symbol
    Click the dropdown list to select a currency symbol and locale from the list.

    For example, there are multiple dollar signs, but the dollar sign for each locale is displayed differently depending on international requirements.

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