Select an Existing Connection

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This page of the Table Import Wizard enables you to choose an existing data source connection to use. To access the wizard from the PowerPivot window, on the Home tab, in the Get External Data group, click the type of data source from which you want to import tables. For more information about supported data sources and providers, see Data Sources Supported in PowerPivot Workbooks.

  • Show
    Select one of the following values to display a category of data source connections in the Select a data source connection box.



    PowerPivot Connections

    Connections in the PowerPivot workbook.

    Local Connections

    Office Data Connection (.odc) files stored on the local computer.

    Workbook Connections

    Office Data Connection (.odc) files stored in the PowerPivot workbook.

  • Select a Connection
    Select the data source connection to use.

  • Browse for More
    Select an .odc file that is stored on the local machine.

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