Format Measures Dialog Box

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The Format Measures dialog box is used to change the visual representation of data that is based on a measure calculation.

To access this dialog, open the PowerPivot window, then right-click a measure in the Calculation Area and select Format. You can also select a measure and then choose More Formats in the Formatting list of the Home page.

Formatting can only be specified for standalone measures that you created explicitly, by either typing a formula in a cell of the Calculation Area or by clicking New Measure in the PowerPivot ribbon. If you created an implicit measure by dragging a field to the Values area of the Field List, formatting is fixed and cannot be modified using the Format Measures dialog.

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    Lists all of the formatting options available for numeric data, including General, Number, Currency, Date, and TRUE/FALSE. Format strings are based on the .NET Framework format strings. For technical detail about these formats, including how a string is rendered in a different language, see Standard Numeric Format Strings in the .NET Framework 4 reference documentation on MSDN.

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