Create a Domain-based Attribute (MDS Add-in for Excel)

In the Master Data Services Add-in for Excel, administrators can create a domain-based attribute when they want to constrain the values in a column to a specific set of values.

The values can already be in the worksheet or they can come from an existing entity.


If users type a value in the constrained column, rather than selecting from the list, errors are displayed in the $InputStatus$ column when they publish.


To perform this procedure:

  • You must have permission to access the System Administration and Explorer functional areas.

  • You must be a model administrator. For more information, see Administrators (Master Data Services).

  • The model and entity must already exist.

To perform this procedure:

  1. In Excel, load the entity that contains the column (attribute) you want to constrain. For more information, see Load Data from MDS into Excel.

  2. Click any cell in the column you want to constrain.

  3. In the Build Model group, click Attribute Properties.

  4. In the Attribute Properties dialog box, in the Attribute type list, choose Constrained list (domain-based).

  5. In the Populate the attribute with values from list:

    • To use values from the worksheet, choose the selected column. A new entity and new staging table will be created with the values from the selected column.

    • To use values from an existing entity, choose the name of the entity.

  6. If you chose the selected column in the previous step, in the New entity name box, type a name for the new entity. This can be the same as the column (attribute) name.

  7. Click OK. Each cell in the column now has a list of values for users to choose from.

Next Steps

  • To add and delete values in the constrained list, load the entity that the attribute is based on. For more information on loading entities, see Load Data from MDS into Excel.

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