Permission Data Type (ASSL)

Defines an abstract primitive data type that represents information about an individual permission.



Data Type Characteristics



Base data types


Derived data types

CubePermission, DatabasePermission, DimensionPermission, MiningModelPermission, MiningStructurePermission

Data Type Relationships



Parent elements


Child elements

Annotations, CreatedTimestamp, Description, ID, LastSchemaUpdate, Name, Process, Read, ReadDefinition, RoleID, Write

Derived elements



Permission serves as the abstract base type for a number of derived permission types used in an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

This data type has the following validations under DeploymentMode value 2 (tabular server mode).

  • Process attribute default value is set to False, except when the user has the Refresh permission. For users with the Refresh permission the Process attribute value is set to True.

  • ReadDefinition attribute value is set to None; any other value generates an error.

  • Read attribute value is set to Allowed for users with the User permission and to None when the users are assigned to the Refresh permission; if a user has both User and Refresh permissions, then the attribute is set to Allowed. For users with administrative privileges the attribute value is set to Allowed.

  • Write attribute value is set to None; any other value generates an error.

The corresponding element in the Analysis Management Objects (AMO) object model is Permission.

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