ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties (OLE DB)

Sets the parameter properties on a per parameter basis by ordinal, or sets bulk parameter properties by specifying an array of SSPARAMPROPS structures.


HRESULT SetParameterProperties(
      DB_UPARAMS cParams, 
      SSPARAMPROPS rgParamProperties[]);


  • cParams[in]
    The number of SSPARAMPROPS structures in the rgParamProperties array. If this number is zero, ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties will delete all properties that might have been specified for any parameters in the command.

  • rgParamProperties[in]
    An array of SSPARAMPROPS structures to be set.

Return Code Values

The ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties method returns the same error codes as the core OLE DB ICommandProperties::SetProperties method.


Setting parameter properties with this method is allowed on a per parameter basis by ordinal, or with a single ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties call once the SSPARAMPROPS has been built from the property array.

The SetParameterInfo method must be called before calling the ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties method. Calling SetParameterProperties(0, NULL) clears all specified parameter properties, while calling SetParameterInfo(0,NULL,NULL) clears all the parameter info including any properties that might be associated with a parameter.

Calling ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties to specify properties for a parameter which is not of type DBTYPE_XML or DBTYPE_UDT returns DB_E_ERRORSOCCURRED or DB_S_ERRORSOCCURRED and marks the dwStatus field of all DBPROPs contained in SSPARAMPROPS for that parameter with DBPROPSTATUS_NOTSET. The DBPROP array of each DBPROPSET contained in SSPARAMPROPS should be traversed to detect which parameter the DB_E_ERRORSOCCURRED or DB_S_ERRORSOCCURRED refers to.

If ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties is called to specify the properties of parameters whose parameter info have not been set yet with SetParameterInfo, the provider returns E_UNEXPECTED with the following error message:

SetParameterProperties method cannot be called for the specified parameters without first calling SetParameterInfo method. The parameter information must be set before setting the parameter properties.

If the call to ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties contains some parameters where the parameter info has been set, and some parameters where the parameter info has not been set, the dwStatus properties in the DBPROPSET of the SSPARAMPROPS property set will return with DBSTATUS_NOTSET.

The SSPARAMPROPS structure is defined as follows:



ULONG cPropertySets;

DBPROPSET *rgPropertySets;


Improvements in the database engine starting with SQL Server 2012 allow ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties to obtain more accurate descriptions of the expected results. These more accurate results may differ from the values returned by ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties in previous versions of SQL Server. For more information, see Metadata Discovery.




The ordinal of the passed parameter.


The number of DBPROPSET structures in rgPropertySets.


A pointer to memory in which to return an array of DBPROPSET structures.

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