ISSCommandWithParameters (OLE DB)

ISSCommandWithParameters exposes support for SQL Server XML and user-defined types (UDT). This is an optional interface that inherits from the core OLE DB interface ICommandWithParameters. In addition to the three methods inherited from ICommandWithParameters; GetParameterInfo, MapParameterNames, and SetParameterInfo; ISSCommandWithParameters provides two new methods that are used to handle server specific data types.


The ISSCommandWithParameters interface can be used when Service Components are used, but the Service Components themselves will not use this interface.



ISSCommandWithParameters::GetParameterProperties (OLE DB)

Returns one SSPARAMPROPS property set structure in the array for each UDT or XML parameter passed to the command, but none is returned for other types of parameters.

ISSCommandWithParameters::SetParameterProperties (OLE DB)

Sets the parameter properties on a per parameter basis by ordinal, or sets bulk parameter properties by specifying an array of SSPARAMPROPS structures.

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