Microsoft.DataWarehouse.Interfaces Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ConfigurationSettingsChangedEventArgs Infrastructure. Creates argument objects when the configuration settings was changed.
Public class DataSourceDescriptorPropertyChangedEventArgs Infrastructure. Represents an interface that contains the data source descriptor property.
Public class DataSourceKinds Infrastructure. Provides an enumeration of data source kinds.
Public class MenuCommandEx Infrastructure. Represents an extended menu command item.


  Interface Description
Public interface ICommandTarget Infrastructure. Represents the target element on which to raise the specified command.
Public interface ICommandTargetMenuService Infrastructure. Represents a command target menu service.
Public interface IConfigurationSettings Infrastructure. Represents a configuration settings.
Public interface IConfigurationSettings2 Represents the configuration settings for the active VS configuration.
Public interface IDataSourceDescriptor Infrastructure. Represents a data source descriptor.
Public interface IDataSourceDescriptorProvider Infrastructure. Represents a data source descriptor provider.
Public interface IDataSourceDescriptorService Infrastructure. Represents the data source interface class with descriptor service.
Public interface IDeploymentModuleResolver Infrastructure. Displays the module resolver to be use under this class.
Public interface IDesignerToolWindow Infrastructure. Represents an interface of designer tool for the specified window.
Public interface IDesignerToolWindowAwareControl Infrastructure. Defines a designer tool control for window.
Public interface IDesignerToolWindowEvents Infrastructure. Specifies the events for designer tool window.
Public interface IDesignerToolWindowFactory Infrastructure. Represents a designer tool window factory.
Public interface IDesignerToolWindowService Infrastructure. Represents a designer tool window service.
Public interface IDWDesignerService Infrastructure. Represents a designer service for the data warehouse.
Public interface IMiningModelDrillThroughHandler Controls how the results of a drillthrough operation are displayed.
Public interface IMiningModelViewerControl Infrastructure. Represents a viewer control for mining model.
Public interface IMiningModelViewerControl2 Extends an interface for IMiningModelViewerControl which supports passing an DbConnection object in addition to a connection string.
Public interface IRootCommandTargetProvider Infrastructure. Represents a root command interface that provides target objects.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ConfigurationSettingsChangedEventHandler Infrastructure. Defines a delegate that will handle the event when configuration settings changed.
Public delegate DataSourceDescriptorPropertyChangedEventHandler Infrastructure. Represents an event handler when the data source decriptior property was changed.
Public delegate TransformConfigurationValueCallback Defines a delegate that is used in transform operations of configuration settings.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DwObjectKind Infrastructure. Gets the type of the data warehouse object.