Properties (XMLA)

The XML for Analysis (XMLA) protocol uses XML elements to represent property information and values for XMLA headers, methods, objects, commands, and data types.

Topic List

The following topics describe the XMLA elements implemented by SSAS.



AllowOverwrite Element (XMLA)


ApplyCompression Element (XMLA)


Attribute Element (XMLA)


AttributeName Element (XMLA)


Attributes Element (XMLA)


Axes Element (XMLA)


AxesInfo Element (XMLA)


Axis Element (XMLA)


AxisInfo Element (XMLA)


BackupRemotePartitions Element (XMLA)


Binding Element (XMLA)


Bindings Element (XMLA)


CancelAssociated Element (XMLA)


Capability Element (XMLA)


Caption Element (XMLA)


Cell Element (XMLA)


Cell Element (MDDataSet) (XMLA)


CellData Element (XMLA)


CellInfo Element (XMLA)


CellOrdinal Element (XMLA)


Command Element (XMLA)


ConnectionID Element (XMLA)


ConnectionString Element (XMLA)


CrossProduct Element (XMLA)


Cube Element (XMLA)


Cube Element (OlapInfo) (XMLA)


CubeID Element (XMLA)


CubeInfo Element (XMLA)


CubeName Element (XMLA)


CustomRollup Element (XMLA)


CustomRollupProperties Element (XMLA)


Database Element (XMLA)


DatabaseID Element (XMLA)


DatabaseName Element (XMLA)


DataSource Element (XMLA)


DataSourceID Element (XMLA)


DataSourceType Element (XMLA)


DataSourceView Element (XMLA)


DbSchemaName Element (XMLA)


DbTableName Element (XMLA)


DeleteWithDescendants Element (XMLA)


Description Element (XMLA)


Dimension Element (XMLA)


DisplayInfo Element (XMLA)


Error Element (XMLA)


ErrorCode Element (XMLA)


ErrorConfiguration Element (XMLA)


Exception Element (XMLA)


File Element (XMLA)


Folder Element (XMLA)


Folders Element (XMLA)


HelpFile Element (XMLA)


HierarchyInfo Element (XMLA)


ID Element (XMLA)


Keys Element (XMLA)


Key Element (XMLA)


Language Element (XMLA)


LastDataUpdate Element (XMLA)


LastSchemaUpdate Element (XMLA)


LName Element (XMLA)


LNum Element (XMLA)


Location Element (XMLA)


Locations Element (XMLA)


Materialize Element (XMLA)


MeasureGroupID Element (XMLA)


Member Element (XMLA)


Members Element (XMLA)


Message Element (XMLA)


Messages Element (XMLA)


Mode Element (XMLA)


MoveWithDescendants Element (XMLA)


Name Element (XMLA)


Name Element (Parameter) (XMLA)


New Element (XMLA)


Object Element (XMLA)


Object Element (Dimension) (XMLA)


ObjectDefinition Element (XMLA)


OlapInfo Element (XMLA)


Optimization Element (XMLA)


Original Element (XMLA)


Parallel Element (XMLA)


Parameter Element (XMLA)


Parameters Element (XMLA)


ParentObject Element (XMLA)


PartitionID Element (XMLA)


Password Element (XMLA)


Properties Element (XMLA)


PropertyList Element (XMLA)


Queries Element (XMLA)


Query Element (XMLA)


RequestType Element (XMLA)


RestrictionList Element (XMLA)


Restrictions Element (XMLA)


results Element (XMLA)


return Element (XMLA)


root Element (XMLA)


row Element (XMLA)


Security Element (XMLA)


SessionID Element (XMLA)


SkippedLevels Element (XMLA)


Source Element (XMLA)


Source Element (Error) (XMLA)


Source Element (Synchronize) (XMLA)


Sources Element (XMLA)


SPID Element (XMLA)


Steps Element (XMLA)


Storage Element (XMLA)


SynchronizeSecurity Element (XMLA)


TableNotification Element (XMLA)


TableNotifications Element (XMLA)


Target Element (XMLA)


Time Element (XMLA)


Translation Element (XMLA)


Translations Element (XMLA)


Tuple Element (XMLA)


Tuples Element (XMLA)


Type Element (XMLA)


UName Element (XMLA)


UnaryOperator Element (XMLA)


Value Element (XMLA)


Value Element (Parameter) (XMLA)


Warning Element (XMLA)


Where Element (XMLA)


WritebackTableCreation Element (XMLA)


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