Script Transformation Editor (Inputs and Outputs Page)

Use the Inputs and Outputs page of the Script Transformation Editor dialog box to add, remove, and configure inputs and outputs for the Script Transformation.


Source components have outputs and no inputs, while destination components have inputs but no outputs. Transformations have both inputs and outputs.

To learn more about the Script component, see Script Component and Configuring the Script Component in the Script Component Editor. To learn about programming the Script component, see Extending the Data Flow with the Script Component.


  • Inputs and outputs
    Select an input or output on the left to view its properties in the table on the right. Properties available for editing vary according to the selection. Many of the properties displayed are read-only. For more information on the individual properties, see the following topics.
[Common Properties](ms135950\(v=sql.110\).md)

[Transformation Custom Properties](ms136014\(v=sql.110\).md)
  • Add Output
    Add an additional output to the list.

  • Add Column
    Select a folder in which to place the new output column, and then add the column by clicking Add Column.

  • Remove Output
    Select an output, and then remove it by clicking Remove Output.

  • Remove Column
    Select a column, and then remove it by clicking Remove Column.

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