Returns the number of attempted connections, either successful or unsuccessful since SQL Server was last started.

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Connections are different from users. Applications, for example, can open multiple connections to SQL Server without the user observing the connections.

To display a report containing several SQL Server statistics, including connection attempts, run sp_monitor.

@@MAX\_CONNECTIONS is the maximum number of connections allowed simultaneously to the server. @@CONNECTIONS is incremented with each login attempt, therefore @@CONNECTIONS can be greater than @@MAX\_CONNECTIONS.


The following example shows returning the number of login attempts as of the current date and time.

SELECT GETDATE() AS 'Today''s Date and Time', 
@@CONNECTIONS AS 'Login Attempts'

Here is the result set.

Today's Date and Time  Login Attempts
---------------------- --------------
12/5/2006 10:32:45 AM  211023       

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