SQL Server Profiler - Find Dialog Box

Use the Find dialog box to search a trace for specific characters or words. To cancel a search in progress, press ESC.

To open this dialog box in SQL Server Profiler, on the Edit menu, click Find.


  • Find what
    Enter the text that you want to search for. The search matches any string containing the specified string. For example, searching for "Completed" matches "SQL:BatchCompleted." Wild card characters (*, ?, etc.) are not supported.

  • Search in column
    Click a data column to search, or click <All columns> to search all the data columns in the trace.

  • Match case
    Finds text that has the same case as the Find what box. Clear this check box to find examples in the trace that are in both uppercase and lowercase text characters.

  • Match whole word
    Restricts the search to entire words. Clear the Match whole word check box to search for characters within a word.

  • Find Next
    Finds the next example of the characters in the Find what box.

  • Find Previous
    Searches backwards in the trace, to find the previous example of the characters in the Find what box.

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