Save Trace Results to a Table (SQL Server Profiler)

This topic describes how to save trace results to a database table by using SQL Server Profiler.

To save trace results to a table

  1. On the File menu, click New Trace, and then connect to an instance of SQL Server.

    The Trace Propertiesdialog box appears.


    If Start tracing immediately after making connectionis selected, the Trace Propertiesdialog box fails to appear and the trace begins instead. To turn off this setting, on the Toolsmenu, click Options, and clear the Start tracing immediately after making connection check box.

  2. In the Trace name box, type a name for the trace, and then click Save to table.

  3. In the Connect to server dialog box, connect to the SQL Server database that will contain the trace table.

  4. In the Destination Table dialog box, select a database from the Databaselist.

  5. In the Owner list, select the owner for the trace.

  6. In the Table list, type or select the table name for the trace results. Click OK.

  7. In the Trace Properties dialog box, select the **Set maximum rows (in thousands)**check box to specify the maximum number of rows to save.

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