Synonym Constructor (Database, String, String, String, String, String, String)

Initializes a new instance of the Synonym class on the specified database and with the specified name, schema, and base object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll)


Public Sub New ( _
    database As Database, _
    name As String, _
    schema As String, _
    baseServer As String, _
    baseDatabase As String, _
    baseSchema As String, _
    baseObject As String _
Dim database As Database 
Dim name As String 
Dim schema As String 
Dim baseServer As String 
Dim baseDatabase As String 
Dim baseSchema As String 
Dim baseObject As String 

Dim instance As New Synonym(database, _
    name, schema, baseServer, baseDatabase, _
    baseSchema, baseObject)
public Synonym(
    Database database,
    string name,
    string schema,
    string baseServer,
    string baseDatabase,
    string baseSchema,
    string baseObject
    Database^ database, 
    String^ name, 
    String^ schema, 
    String^ baseServer, 
    String^ baseDatabase, 
    String^ baseSchema, 
    String^ baseObject
new : 
        database:Database * 
        name:string * 
        schema:string * 
        baseServer:string * 
        baseDatabase:string * 
        baseSchema:string * 
        baseObject:string -> Synonym
public function Synonym(
    database : Database, 
    name : String, 
    schema : String, 
    baseServer : String, 
    baseDatabase : String, 
    baseSchema : String, 
    baseObject : String


  • baseServer
    Type: System.String
    A String value that specifies the instance of SQL Server on which the synonym base object exists.
  • baseDatabase
    Type: System.String
    A String value that specifies database on which the synonym base object exists.
  • baseSchema
    Type: System.String
    A String value that specifies the schema for the synonym base object.


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