RestoreInfo Constructor (String, String, Boolean, RestoreLocation )


Applies To: SQL Server (starting with 2016)

Initializes a new instance of RestoreInfo using a file, database name, overwrite indicator, and an array of restore locations.

Namespace:   Microsoft.AnalysisServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Core (in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Core.dll)


public RestoreInfo(
    string file,
    string databaseName,
    bool allowOverwrite,
    RestoreLocation[] locations
    String^ file,
    String^ databaseName,
    bool allowOverwrite,
    array<RestoreLocation^>^ locations
new : 
        file:string *
        databaseName:string *
        allowOverwrite:bool *
        locations:RestoreLocation[] -> RestoreInfo
Public Sub New (
    file As String,
    databaseName As String,
    allowOverwrite As Boolean,
    locations As RestoreLocation()


  • file
    Type: System.String

    Name of the file for which information is to be restored.

  • databaseName
    Type: System.String

    Name of the database from which to extract the information to be restored.

  • allowOverwrite
    Type: System.Boolean

    A Boolean value. If true, the file information can be overwritten; otherwise, false.

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