Lesson 2: Building a Targeted Mailing Structure (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

The Marketing department of Adventure Works Cycles wants to increase sales by targeting specific customers for a mailing campaign. The company's database contains a list of past customers and a list of potential new customers. By investigating the attributes of previous customers, the company hopes to discover patterns that they can then apply to potential customers. For example, they might use past trends to predict which potential customers are most likely to purchase a bike from Adventure Works Cycles, or create customer segments for future marketing campaigns.

In this lesson you will use the Data Mining Wizard to create the targeted mailing structure. After you complete the tasks in this lesson, you will have a mining structure with a single model. Because there are many steps and important concepts involved in creating a structure, we have separated this process into the following three tasks:

Creating a Targeted Mailing Mining Model Structure (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

Specifying the Data Type and Content Type (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

Specifying a Testing Data Set for the Structure (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

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Creating a Targeted Mailing Mining Model Structure (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

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