How to: View Data Differences


After you compare the data in two databases, you will see each database object that you compared and its status. You can also view results for the records within each object, grouped by status.

After you view the differences, you can update the target to match the source for some or all of the objects or records that are different, missing, or new.

To view data differences

  1. Compare the data in a source and a target.

  2. (Optional) Do one or both of the following:

    • By default, the results for all objects appear, regardless of their status. To display only those objects that have a particular status, click an option in the Filter list.

    • To view results for records within a particular object, click the object in the main results pane, and then click a tab in the Records View pane. Each tab displays all records within that object that have a particular status: different, only in source, only in target, and identical. Data appears by record and column.

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