Dialog Box Controls and Variable Types


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You can use the Add Member Variable Wizard to add a member variable to a dialog box control created using MFC. The type of control for which you add the member variable determines the options that appear in the dialog box.

The following table describes all dialog box control types supported in MFC and the Dialog Editor, and their available types and values.

Control Control type Control variable type Value variable type Min/max values (value type only)
Animation control SysAnimate32 CAnimateCtrl None; control only N/A
Button BUTTON CButton None; control only N/A
Check box CHECK CButton BOOL Min value/Max value
Combo box COMBOBOX CComboBox CString Max characters
Date time picker control SysDateTimePick32 CDateTimeCtrl CTime Min value/max value
Edit box EDIT CEdit CString, int, UINT, long, DWORD, float, double, BYTE, short, BOOL, COleDateTime, or COleCurrency Min value/max value; some support max characters
Hotkey control msctls_hotkey32 CHotKeyCtrl None; control only N/A
List box LISTBOX CListBox CString Max characters
List control SysListView32 CListCtrl None; control only N/A
Month Calendar control SysMonthCal32 CMonthCalCtrl CTime Min value/max value
Progress control msctls_progress32 CProgressCtrl None; control only N/A
Rich Edit 2 control RichEdit20A CRichEditCtrl CString Max characters
Rich Edit control RICHEDIT CRichEditCtrl CString Max characters
Scroll bar (vertical or horizontal SCROLLBAR CScrollBar int Min value/max value
Slider control msctls_trackbar32 CSliderCtrl int Min value/max value
Spin control msctls_updown32 CSpinButtonCtrl None; control only N/A
Tab control SysTabControl32 CTabCtrl None; control only N/A
Tree control SysTreeView32 CTreeCtrl None; control only N/A

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