Software Update Management

Automatic Download Feature for the SUS Feature Pack Might Not Function for International Software Updates

This is because the software update catalog is not yet available in all international languages; only an English and a Japanese edition are currently available. This limitation can also exist for some English and Japanese software updates.

WORKAROUND:   In the Distribute Software Updates Wizard property page, click the Download button to navigate to the download page in the browser, select the appropriate language for the software update, and then download it to the appropriate location.

Custom Software Update Management Reports Should Not Query v_GS_PATCHSTATE Class

When writing custom software update management reports, you should not query the v_GS_PATCHSTATE class because it no longer contains information for all patches.

WORKAROUND:   Instead of using the v_GS_PATCHSTATE class in your custom reports, use v_GS_PatchStatus because it contains all data from the v_GS_PATCHSTATE and v_GS_PATCHSTATEEX classes.


This information applies to SMS 2003  SP1, SP2 and SP3 only.