SMS Administrator Console

Double-Byte Characters Are Not Treated as Valid Characters on Computers Running Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003

On computers running Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003, the double-byte characters \. =. ~. -. ^. $. and are not treated as valid characters in the following items in the SMS Administrator console:

  • Package name or package properties

  • Program and advertisement properties

  • Collection name

  • Dashboard name

WORKAROUND:   Use an SMS Administrator console on a computer running a Windows 2000 operating system to type these characters.

SMS 2003 Administrator Console Cannot Connect to Newer Site

When you attempt to connect to an SMS site using a later version of SMS from a server using an earlier version console, the following error message is displayed:

connection failed

WORKAROUND:   An SMS Administrator console can only connect to an equal or earlier version SMS site. Apply the latest SMS Service Pack to the Administrator Console.

After installing ADMIN console on Vista, you may be unable to expand the node in the SMS console

On Vista, the firewall is enabled by default and prevents some communications between the Admin console and the SMS site server. As a result, you are unable to expand SMS nodes in the Admin console

WORKAROUND: Enable the firewall exception for WMI.