Asset Intelligence

Periodic updates will be available for Asset Intelligence Knowledge Base tables

Periodically, Microsoft will release an update to the Asset Intelligence Knowledge Base tables. These updates will be made available from the Microsoft Systems Management Server web site, under “Downloads”. Once the latest Asset Intelligence Knowledge Base has been downloaded, refer to the documentation section entitled “How to Update Asset Intelligence Knowledge Base Catalog” for instructions on how to upgrade your SMS 2003 server with the new catalog data. This help topic can be found in the SC_AssetIntelligence.chm on your Installation CD or online at The SC_AssetIntelligence.chm file can also be found on your server at C:\WINDOWS\Help\sms\00000409\sms.srv\htm, where C: is the root drive and 00000409 is the language code. If your SMS installation runs on a different drive or is in a different language, the file path will be changed accordingly.


For best performance, you should have a minimum of 1 GB of installed RAM on the computer running the SMS site database. Less memory will result in diminished performance.

WORKAROUND:   Install a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.

International characters are not stored in the Asset Intelligence Knowledge Base tables.

The Asset Management reports gather information from pre-installed knowledge base tables combined with inventoried data from the client machines. The knowledge base tables currently do not correctly store localized text. As a result, some Asset Management reports may display incorrect characters for localized software titles on non-English client machines.


Asset Intelligence Not Supported On SQL 7

SMS SP3 is supported on SQL 7 but Asset Intelligence is not.

WORKAROUND:   Upgrade to SQL Server 2000 or later.

Windows 2000 computers may not provide accurate inventory of Auto Start Software

Computers running Windows 2000 may provide inaccurate inventory of Auto Start Software, especially when present in the Startup folder. This problem might result in incomplete data in the following reports:

  • Software 4A - Auto-Start Software

  • Software 4B - Computers with a Specific Auto-Start Software

  • Software 4C - Auto-Start Software on a Specific Computer


Arithmetic Overflow Error on License 2B - Computers with Licenses Nearing Expiration Report

When either parameter, Min Days or Max Days, has a value outside of the programmed range of acceptable values, an arithmetic error is thrown and the report is non-functional.

WORKAROUND:   Do not use values outside of the programmed allowable range. Appropriate values are in the range of -999999 to 999999 days.

MLS Product Name is incorrect for Vista computers on which the Key Management Service (KMS) has been activated.

When running the Microsoft License Ledger Item by Sales Channel report the prompt for Product Code will display a list of Product Codes with a matching MLS Product Name. In some cases the MLS Product Name will be listed as "Windows XP Professional" when the Product Code is "Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise". Even after selecting this incorrect entry, the resulting report will correctly display the inventoried quantities of Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise software by sales channel.