Upgrading, Clients

Installing Advanced Client by Using Software Distribution and CCMSetup Might Not Be Complete Until a User Logs onto the Client Computer

When software distribution is used to upgrade an SMS client to the newest version of the SMS 2003 Advanced Client, the logged-on user's credentials are sometimes required to download the installation files. If the advertisement runs when a user is not logged on to the client computer, the Advanced Client Installer (Ccmsetup.exe) attempts to use the Windows NT Client Software Installation account (if upgrading from SMS 2.0 client), the Legacy Client Software Installation account (if upgrading from SMS 2003), or the Advanced Client Network Access account (if upgrading from previous versions of the SMS 2003 Advanced Client). If no account is available, the installation of the Advanced Client does not begin until a user logs on to the client computer.

WORKAROUND:   Configure SMS to use the respective Client Software Installation account. Alternatively, you can set the program to run Only when a user is logged on.