How to Upgrade to SMS 2003 SP2

To upgrade from SMS 2003 or SMS 2003 SP1 to SMS 2003 SP2, you can run an interactive setup from the installation CD or, alternatively, you can run Update.exe from the downloaded setup file or the Update folder located on the installation CD.


Upgrading directly from SMS 2.0 to SMS 2003 SP2 is not supported. You must first upgrade to SMS 2003 and then to SMS 2003 SP2.

It is recommended that you perform the following tests and operations before upgrading your production SMS site:

  • Although not required for SMS 2003 SP1 sites, it is recommended that you test your SMS site database before upgrading. If your SMS site database upgrade fails, your SMS site might be left in an inoperable state.

  • Test a database upgrade by using a copy of the production SMS site. Any changes to your SMS site database, such as sms_def.mof modifications or the use of IDMIF or NOIDMIF files, might cause the upgrade to fail.

  • Test upgrading the SMS database by running the Testdbupgrade command with a copy of the SMS database and resolve any errors that might be reported. The syntax for this procedure is

    setup.exe /testdbupgrade [testdbname]

This command will run the SQL portion of the SMS 2003 SP2 upgrade process. Results for the database upgrade test are logged in the smssetup.log file located in the root of the system drive.

  • Run the Deployment Readiness Wizard (DRW) on the SMS site server before upgrading, and resolve any errors or warnings that might be generated. If your site is already running SMS 2003 SP1, you are not required to run the DRW to validate that your site is ready to upgrade to SP2. DRW is required only when upgrading from SMS 2003 RTM. The DRW has been updated to support SMS 2003 SP2, and specifically for the new client operating system requirements. You can manually run the DRW to validate that your site is ready for upgrade by running DRW.exe. DRW.exe is located on the Upgrade CD or extracted service pack files in the SMSSetup\Bin\I386 folder. The database upgrade test procedure and DRW are not required for SMS 2003 SP1 sites being upgraded to SP2.


For more information about running DRW, testing the SMS database for upgrade, and the SMS installation process, refer to the Scenarios and Procedures for SMS 2003: Planning and Deployment Guide available from the SMS Product Documentation Web page

To run an interactive setup from the installation CD

  1. Insert the SMS 2003 Service Pack 2 CD into the CD drive of the SMS site server.

  2. Run Autorun.exe.

  3. On the startup menu, select the SMS 2003 Service Pack 2 option to start the upgrade wizard.

  4. Select Upgrade an existing installation.

  5. Select the appropriate Security mode. Sites running in standard security that are capable of running in advanced security will be prompted to migrate to advanced security. This migration is not mandatory and can be declined during the upgrade process.

  6. Complete the wizard.

To run Update.exe to upgrade the site

  1. On the site server, run the command

  2. Setup files are automatically extracted to a temporary directory. To manually extract the downloaded SMS 2003 SP2 file to a folder, run the command

    SMS2003SP2.exe /X:path

where FakePre-a2e2acc3072d4594a5dda28291e73d6e-2a3136d6a73140788491753d142b9533 is your designated location for the extracted files.

  1. From the extracted files or the Update folder on the CD, you can run Update.exe with no command-line switches on an SMS 2003 site. In this scenario, if you have not already run the DRW, the DRW is displayed and you must select Run Now to continue.


  2. You can run Update.exe with the


or FakePre-357c994da29e4d1e98c0668c2eb7494d-646c6c8baef041b7be33cee7200cf6f4 switches. However, in this scenario you must run the DRW before you run Update.exe or the upgrade will fail.

1.  The
    <pre IsFakePre="true" xmlns="">/quiet</pre>

switch runs the update in unattended mode and in the background.

2.  The
    <pre IsFakePre="true" xmlns="">/passive</pre>

switch displays a progress bar during the upgrade process.


<pre IsFakePre="true" xmlns="">/quiet</pre>

or FakePre-0f216143241144eb81a84ca4484e49a4-423713b51b1e4fc18ad79d9021642eeb switches can also be placed on the command line for SMS2003SP2.exe and will launch Update.exe with the appropriate switches after the file extraction has completed.