Management Point

Management Point Registers on Local Windows Internet Name Service

An SMS management point registers on the local Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server by default, even if it is not the authoritative WINS server. As a result, the management point appears to be successfully registered, but SMS clients cannot find the management point. If a WINS server was inadvertently installed on the management point computer, the management point installation registers the management point with that local WINS server, not with the primary authoritative server. This prevents clients from locating the management point through WINS.

WORKAROUND:   Register the management point on the authoritative WINS server by running the following command:

netsh wins server add name name= mp_sitecode endchar=1A rectype=0 ip={ default_ management_point_IP_address }

Other then replacing sitecode with the site code of the site hosting the management point and default_management_point_IP_address with the management point's IP address as appropriate, use the above command line exactly as it appears. If the default management point is a Windows Network Load Balancing cluster, you should specify nlb_sitecode instead of mp_sitecode, and specify the virtual IP address of th Network Load Balancing cluster for default_management_point_IP_address. In the SMS Administrator console, navigate to Site Settings, Component Configuration, Management Point to specify the virtual IP address of the Network Load Balancing cluster as the default SMS management point.

You can verify that the WINS entry was added correctly by running the following command line on the WINS server:

netsh wins server show Name name=MP_sitecode endchar=1A

If the operation was successful, the output is as follows:

Name : mp_sitecode [1Ah]

NodeType : 1

State : ACTIVE

Expiration Date : Infinite

Type of Rec : UNIQUE

Version No : 0 29c

RecordType : STATIC

IP Address: default_management_point_IP_address

Command completed successfully.

Performance Counters Are Not Available on a Management Point

Under certain circumstances, when performance monitoring counters on a computer are corrupt, the performance counters for management points are not installed when the management point is set up on that computer.

When this happens, the following log entry exists in the Ccmexec.log file:

Framework performance counters are not configured because the performance counter Registry was corrupt at installation time. This is usually caused by another application using unsupported methods to add or remove performance counters. See Microsoft Knowledge Base article 300956 for information about how to restore the performance counter Registry settings, and then repair this product.

WORKAROUND:   Follow the steps in article 300956 to repair the performance counter corruption. Then, perform a site reset. A site reset repairs the management point installation and installs the performance counters.