Planning to Deploy SMS 2003

The process for installing and configuring an SMS 2003 site is straightforward if you collect the appropriate and necessary information before you run the setup program. It is recommended that you follow the process illustrated in Figure 1.2 and described in this section. The same planning steps apply whether you are upgrading from an existing SMS 2.0 installation or implementing a new SMS 2003 site. If you are planning to upgrade an existing SMS 2.0 site, it is recommended that you read this section and complete the planning worksheets first, before you proceed to the Upgrading an Existing Installation of SMS 2.0 section later in this book.

Figure 1.2   Deploying SMS 2003


Throughout the planning phase, it is recommended that you recurrently test and review the data you collect and the assumptions you make. Similarly, it is recommended that you continually monitor and test the setup and configuration options that you enable during the deployment phase. It is highly recommended that you implement a pilot deployment of SMS 2003 so you can review and test your planning and deployment strategy before you deploy SMS 2003 throughout your production environment. An expanded discussion about deploying a pilot project is in the Appendix D: "Appendix D - The Pilot Project" later in this book. Each element of the planning and deployment phases is described in the following sections.