Published : November 11, 2004

Author : Bill Anderson

Program Manager : Wally Mead

Applies To : Microsoft® Systems Management Server 2003

Document Version : Release 1.0


Primary Reviewer : Wally Mead

Technical Reviewers : Anat Kerry, Cathy Moya, Steven Kaczmarek

Managing Editor : Sandra Faucett

Microsoft® Office 2003 is a suite of business products that includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and other programs that are useful in a business setting. Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 is an enterprise management tool that you can use to deploy and maintain Office 2003 in your organization.

This white paper supplements the Office 2003 documentation and the SMS 2003 software distribution documentation by providing information specifically targeted at deploying Office 2003 to SMS 2003 clients in your organization. For more information about Office 2003 features, see the Microsoft Office 2003 Resource Kit at

In This White Paper

  • Overview of Office 2003 Deployment

  • Important Concepts and Issues

  • Deploying Office 2003

  • Maintaining and Updating Your Office 2003 Installation

  • Frequently Asked Questions