How to Create a Mobile Device-Based Mobile Device Client Deployment Folder

Applies To: System Center Configuration Manager 2007, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2

The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 mobile device-based client deployment folder contains files that target a specific mobile device platform. This folder can then be transferred and run on the mobile device, and it can be run manually or distributed over the air using Configuration Manager 2007 software distribution.

Use the following procedure to create a mobile device-based mobile device client.

To create a mobile device-based mobile device client deployment folder

  1. Create a new folder.

  2. Into the new folder, copy the following files, which are found in <InstallationFolder> \ DeviceClientDeployment \ ClientTransfer \ <LanguageCode>. Include only the files for the platform of the target mobile device:

    • DeviceClient_[platform type].cab

    • DMClientSetup_[platform type].exe

    • DMInstaller_[platform type].exe

    • (Pocket PC 2003 only)

    Determine the platform-specific files using the following table. For a list of mobile device client installation files, see Installation files for the Mobile Device Client.

    Mobile Device Platform File Platform Type Name

    Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003


    Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2005


    Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003


    Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone 2005


    Microsoft Windows CE 4.2 for ARM

    [DmInstaller_ce4.2_ARM.exe and ]from the Device Management Feature Pack

    Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 for x86


    Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 for ARM


    Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 for x86


    Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 for ARM


    Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Standard


    Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional


    Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic


  3. Rename the copied DMClientSetup_[device type].exe file to DMClientSetup.exe.

  4. Copy the platform-specific enroller file into the new directory. The appropriate enroller file is determined as follows:

    • For all Windows Mobile devices, copy Enroll_ARM.exe.

    • For Windows CE x86, copy Enroll_WinCE5.0_X86.exe or Enroll_WinCE6.0_X86.exe.

    • For Windows CE ARM, copy Enroll_WinCE5.0_ARM.exe or Enroll_WinCE6.0_ARM.exe.

  5. Rename the copied enroller file Enroll.exe.

  6. If certificates are required, include all necessary certificates in the new folder. For more information on certificates, see Deploying Certificates to Mobile Device Clients.

  7. Copy the sample ClientSettings.ini file, by default located in <InstallationFolder> \ DeviceClientDeployment \ ClientTransfer on Configuration Manager 2007 servers, to the new folder. For more information about the values in the ClientSettings.ini file, see How to Edit the Mobile Device Client Configuration .ini File. The ClientSetting.ini file must be edited for your environment.

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