Tasks for International and Multi-Language Configuration Manager Clients

Applies To: System Center Configuration Manager 2007, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R3, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2

An International Client Pack (ICP) displays the user interface elements of the Configuration Manager 2007 client in the language of the client's operating system.

A Configuration Manager 2007 user who has a localized Configuration Manager 2007 client and a localized operating system can use Configuration Manager 2007 to install software and participate in remote control sessions using the Configuration Manager 2007 client user interface in their own language. Users can also read dialog boxes and menus of the Manual Client Installation Wizard, SMSman.exe, and the Configuration Manager icon in Control Panel in their own language. ICPs include of the following localized files:

  • Client.msi

  • Client.mst

  • A few small supporting files, including language resource files

Deploying a Configuration Manager 2007 ICP in a large environment is a project that requires planning, testing, and then deployment. The phases of the project include design, testing, and installation.

There are a variety of issues you must design and test for while planning a Configuration Manager 2007 ICP deployment, such as the following:

  • Site server localization ICPs are installed only on U.S. English site servers.

  • Client operating system localization ICPs are available for many different localized operating systems, but not all localized operating systems are supported.

  • Effect on the end user Users might be negatively affected if your network cannot adequately support their needs when clients are receiving ICP software.

Deploying an ICP is similar to deploying a service pack. For example, newer program files replace older program files. However, deploying an ICP is dissimilar to deploying a service pack because it does not do anything to the site server except update the client source files. Deploying an ICP does not update files for server components, make changes to the database schema, or perform other non-client upgrade functions.

The content in this section provides the steps necessary to plan, design, test, install and troubleshoot International Client Packs (ICPs) for Configuration Manager 2007.

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Planning for International Client Pack (ICP) Deployments

Designing the International Client Pack (ICP) Deployment

Testing International Client Packs (ICPs)

Installing International Client Packs (ICPs)

Troubleshooting International Client Pack (ICP) Deployments

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